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1918 Timeline ______________________________________

Date Event
February 18th Germany resumed her war against Russia after the failure to secure a peace settlement
February 24th Russia accepted Germany’s peace terms.
March 21st Germany broke through in the Somme at the start of its ‘Spring Offensive’. 65 divisions attacked along a 60-mile front. The German Air Service launched a major campaign against the Royal Flying Corps but it failed.
April 9th Germany started an offensive in Flanders
July 15th Second Battle of the Marne started, which saw the collapse of the German army on the Western Front
August 21st The British renewed their offensive on the Somme
August 21st Fourth Battle of Ypres started
October 17th British troops occupied Lille. Belgian troops reoccupied Ostend
November 5th General retreat of German forces along the Meuse started
November 11th Germany signed an armistice with the Allies, which came into force at 11.00. World War One ended.

yarm1914 events 2018 ________________

Yarm 1914 is planning a dedication to be held in Snaith's Field after the High Street act of remembrance on 11th November.
Below is the silent soldier positioned behind the war memorial.


List of those who died in 1918

Date Name
8th January Bert Bell
3rd February Alfred Danby
21st March Matthias Lyth Welford
22nd March Charles Scott
25th March Arthur Kendrew
2nd April Robert Abbott Peacock
10th April John Percival Page
10th April Laurance Albert D Ward
13th April Oliver William Harwood
14th April Frank Johnson
8th May John Fawcett
25th May Robert Dunning
27th May Eli Oliver Victor Hansom
27th May John Charles Millard Peacock
30th May John Joseph Keightley
3rd June William Henry Wilson
4th June Ernest Cordingley
11th July George Stratton
3rd August Robert Garbutt
9th August John Robert Reed
28th August William Ness
31st August Robert Donnelly
4th September George Thomas Wilkinson
6th September Robert Darling
27th September Edward William Walker
15th October James William Moody
22nd October Albert Webster
27th October Joseph Handley
31st October Anthony Suggett
3rd November Thomas Hyland
4th November Frank Ferguson
7th November James Shaughnessy
21st November Joseph Preston
7th December Percy William Cartmell
27th December Joseph Dawson
30th December George William Campbell